• Jason Statham punches his way into the Killer Elite
    You should only ever pay attention to the final 45 seconds of any Jason Statham trailer. Whatever comes before that point will be entirely superfluous – full of nonsense like exposition and atmosphere and dialogue. But the final 45 seconds is where the music swells and everything is boiled down to a rapid succession of the film’s most gloriously stupid set-pieces. It’s where all the gold is.
  • Schlimmer als Comic Sans
    Der Beetlebum demonstriert nachdrücklich, daß die Schrift auf den Trikots der deutschen Frauennationalmannschaft unter sehr beschränkten Umständen doch zum Einsatz kommen darf. (Auch, wenn ich das mal anmerken darf, wenn es deutlich schickere und passendere Hand Lettering Fonts gibt … siehe z.B. Comicbookfonts.com
  • Dogs that chase cars
    It’s just … this game isn’t easy. Not even close. It’s probably the hardest sport to be great at in the world. An athletic guy might be able to smoke a running forehand down the line in a tight match because nothing is going through his head when he’s doing it. He’s just running and trying to hit the ball back and if he can get the racket on that ball with the right amount of force, it doesn’t really matter the situation. Now, am I saying tennis is easy? Of course not, watching the Federers and Nadals of the world is one of the most beautiful athletic theater in sports. But in golf, you aren’t just battling yourself, or the golf course, or the other players; you’re battling the time between shots, and the thoughts that go through your mind.
  • Get hight: Why Nike got hooked on dope
    Remember Liu Xiang, the Nike-sponsored Chinese hurdler with the hopes of the 2008 Olympics home crowd on his shoulders, who had to limp off injured without even competing? Within hours, Beijing seemed plastered in a vast Nike ad featuring a picture of Liu, by the words: „Love competition. Love risking your pride. Love winning it back. Love giving it everything you’ve got. Love the glory. Love the pain. Love sport even when it breaks your heart.“ Mm. Run through my advertising decoder, that translates as: „Now you’ve sewn our clothes for several cents an hour, Chinese people, please buy them back from us at a hilarious mark-up.“

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  1. Erschreckend antörnend. Der Scorpions-Kracher als Soundtrack für den Statham.